The Unrivaled Labeling Solution for Plastic Durable Goods

Unlike traditional labeling methods for plastic, our heat-fused labels do not contain any inks or adhesives; they are made of 100% compatible plastic. This means they are the only label for plastic that is guaranteed for the life of your part.


The problem with labeling plastic is that it rejects foreign material, including inks and adhesives. Our founder flipped this problem on its head with a simple solution: a label made of plastic, fused with heat.

Permanency & Efficiency

The value of our technology really shines when you start to look at the ROI. Millions of dollars in product is scrapped due to failed branding, warning, and tracking labels. With polymer fusion labeling, you can kiss failed labels goodbye.


Our labels are specially made for durable plastics in the Polyolefin family, like Polyethylene and Polypropylene. We made our name in the Rotomolding industry, but have expanded into many others with

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Our Labels are Everywhere

We’re proud to say that our unique Polymer Fusion Labels are on durable products all across the world, on items you use every day, from coolers to trash cans, and kayaks to lawn mowers. Just take a look around.

*Hint: If they are peeling off, they aren’t ours.

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The Problem

Most Labels For Plastic, Suck.

Durable plastics are extremely difficult to permanently label. Polyolefin plastics have a very low surface energy (nothing sticks to them), expand and contract often, are exposed to all kinds of harsh environments and processes, and refuse to be permanently labeled by traditional methods such as stickers, screen printing, or adhesive-based in-mold labels.

Plastic is Nonstick

The "stickiness" of plastic is about the same as Teflon®, meaning that adhesive-based labels will not remain in place long-term.

Expansion & Contraction

Plastic expands and contracts at high rates, causing labels to peel away as temperatures cause the part to grow and shrink in size.


Plastic goes through a microscopic process called "outgassing", where air is released through the surface of the part, causing labels to bubble and peel.

The Solution

A Label For Plastic, Made of Plastic.

Where traditional labeling methods attempt to stick to the surface of a non-stick plastic, Polymer Fusion Labeling approaches the problem in an entirely different way. Because our labels are comprised of 100% compatible plastic polymers, they can be fused to a plastic part using heat, combining the two for a lifetime of use.

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