BikeLid Labeling Plastic Bike Parking With Mold In Graphics

Secure Bike Parking Matches With Polymer Fusion Label Durability

In Europe, it’s extremely common to see people bustling along the streets or biking throughout their day. Whether it’s to work, the doctor, or the grocery store, you will easily see hundreds of passerby each day anywhere you go, none of them behind the windows or steering wheel of a car.

BikeLid Labeling Plastic Bike Parking With Mold In Graphics, labels for plasticsIf you’ve been to Europe, chances are you know why people choose simpler methods of transportation over the comfort and convenience of a car. European streets are often overloaded with hectic traffic and parking is a scarce commodity.

The car seems more “convenient” up front, but in the end, it turns out to be a more enjoyable and better option to choose your bike in order to get places more efficiently.

In the rural town where I live, it’s rare to see someone using a bike as a regular means of transportation, but in many cities across the United States, metropolitan areas or bigger towns have seen a spike in bike travel recently.

With factors such as financial savings, increased physical fitness, emotional well-being, environmental awareness, and avoiding heavy traffic, many people are opting to bike when they can, and experiencing multiple benefits.

Although there is a lot of benefit to ditching the car keys, there is one giant problem facing bicyclists. THEFT. According to the National Bike Registry, about 1.5 million bicycles are reported stolen EACH year.

BikeLid Labeling Plastic Bike Parking With Mold In Graphics, labels for plasticsIf you have a bike you just use for fun, having it stolen may not be a huge issue that impacts your life. But what if your bike is the ONLY way you get to and from work? What if biking to you is a huge part of what makes you happy, and you’ve invested thousands of dollars in making your bike fit your specific needs? Then having it stolen would be devastating to you.

Although there are many types of bike locks available in virtually every price range across the board, bike theft continues to climb.

This has created a problem. One company that is dedicated to solving this problem is BikeLid LLC. The BikeLid is a tough yet lightweight and graffiti resistant plastic polyethylene shell. Fitting up to two full-sized bicycles, the shell is steel-reinforced and provides “unrivaled protection from the elements, vandals, and thieves,” stated Robin Duberow, CEO of BikeLid.

The polyethylene BikeLid bolts to any surface and can be manufactured in any color, seamlessly blending with the environment as needed, all while protecting your bike from the elements and thieves.

Places like apartment complexes, University campuses, places of employment, and other public settings opt to use products like BikeLid. Because even though it costs more money than a simple bike lock would up front, it saves money in the long run. The bike is protected and it encourages people and students to bike to work or class, which in turn helps alleviate traffic.

BikeLid Labeling Plastic Bike Parking With Mold In Graphics, labels for plastics
Robin Duberow says, “although the BikeLid product is itself distinctive and unique, brand image is important to us and we care that the graphic we use on their products remain intact for the life of the product.”

Bikelid wants their product not only to be appealing, but to be easily identifiable out in the field for as long as the part itself will last. Mold In Graphic Systems is proud to have provided a durable and long lasting choice of a label technology for BikeLid polyethylene products for years to come.

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