Crossfire Industries Catamarans With Polymer Fusion Labeling

Cattle Company Starts Two Seater Catamarans

If a 500 acre working cattle ranch sounds like a lot for a person to handle, (a full time, round the clock job all to itself), you’d be right. But Doug Hassell likes to stay busy, and his newest venture is keeping him right on track with the same forecast of a full schedule ahead.

For starters, he runs a three generation, 500 acre working cattle ranch with his dad, in their little town of Rusk, Texas. This farm is the base from which they operate the Hassell Cattle Company, providing dozens of the best cuts of antibiotic and hormone free meat a person could want.

In addition to helping the Hassell Cattle Company continue to grow, he and his father have started a company called Crossfire Industries, offering a fleet of unique, slick, two-seater catamarans set to launch in the Spring 2020.

Catamarans offer many benefits when it comes to oceanic adventures.

They have more space aboard than a sailboat does, for one thing. They are more stable, because they feature two parallel hulls of equal size, which helps stabilize them more in rough seas.

Crossfire Industries Catamarans With Polymer Fusion LabelingThey also have a shallow “draft,” which just simply means they can enter shallower areas and anchor off. They are built for faster speeds, stronger stability, and more spacious.

The Hassells wanted to ensure their catamarans offered a range of features, including the fact that they are fully motor powered, completely legal to be run at night, and they also boast a blue tooth stereo system with four speakers.

They partnered with Mold In Graphic Systems for their fusion labeling needs when they decided they wanted a label that would keep their brand identity intact on each boat, and because the catamarans will be exposed to countless hours of UV, rain, inclement weather, not to mention continually submerged in water.

“We looked at other options but didn’t want to go with a labeling system that would eventually end up falling off or fading with time or exposure to the weather and elements,” Doug Hassell said.

Choosing a permanent label means the identity of the CrossFire Boats name will never be compromised, and these labels will stand up to the test of the environments the boats will be in.

If you want to learn more about CrossFire Industries, visit their website at

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