Emergency Water Storage Container Labeling With Mold In Graphics

Hurricane Inspires Better Emergency Water Storage Container

Emergency Water Storage Container Labeling With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsThe news channels were showing countless people waiting in line and hoping for some clean drinking water to prepare for the infamous hurricane Charley to touchdown. The second major hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season was about to wreak havoc in Florida and one man had a vision for being prepared for that kind of emergency.

Howard Murray was watching those news channels and thought, “There must be a better way!” He believed he could develop a solution for storing clean drinking water for natural disasters. The result? The Waterfull Barrel and Howard’s company, Waterfull LLC., was born.

The Waterfull Barrel is a better emergency water storage container. It’s composed of food-grade polyolefin plastic that holds up to 30 gallons of water that’s safe for drinking. It also assists with water conservation efforts.

The Waterfull Barrel is more than just a simple water storage container. It works by being installed between your house spigot and your garden hose. In this way, it employs pressure to keep air from ever entering the barrel–which keeps bacteria from growing or allowing contaminants to enter. This helps to ensure that the water is safe to drink long after the initial storage set up. This is something people can purchase for their homes preemptively for an emergency.

Howard said, “This product was created for all of us when drinking water is most needed. The people ‘without’ drinking water after a disaster seem to have no choice, and our mission as a company is to give them a choice.”

Howard was also in search of the right solution to represent his company’s brand image and barrel instructions to be placed on the barrels with lasting efforts. Once he connected with Mold In Graphic Systems, his polyolefin labeling and branding needs were answered.

Emergency Water Storage Container Labeling With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsWhen asked about what branding means to his company, Howard said, “Branding is EVERYTHING and Mold In Graphic Systems stands for just that and more. Since the Waterfull Barrel is the first of its kind, we knew that our name would be synonymous with water storage. We also knew that we could not skimp on the labeling. If people see a tarnished logo, they don’t know who made the label, they just know who’s displaying it.”

Our MIGS team discovered that every Mold In Graphic would not just be limited to Waterfull’s clean and simple branding but they would also be applying set of emergency use instructions – making it even more important that the graphics remain intact for the life of the barrel.

If it were stickers or something that would not adhere properly to the plastic, the instructions could fall off or tarnish due to weather, defeating the whole purpose of the “emergency” usage.

Waterfull chose to make a difference in the global community with their product designed to help those who need it in the direst of circumstances. Mold In Graphic Systems is happy to provide high quality and permanent labeling that fit the needs of Waterfull LLC and its Waterfull Barrels.

For your emergency water storage solution and conservation efforts, view the Waterfull Barrel website at https://www.waterfull.com.

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