The newest addition to the expanded Mold In Graphics offering: an RFID label, fused to your rotomolded part, for life.

The Problem

Tag Separation

RFID is undoubtedly the best way to track product in the modern age, and the most common way to mount an RFID to your product is with an adhesive label. Although this works for many industries, adhesive labels don’t stick to durable plastics the way they do elsewhere. Thus, countless plastic products are lost or stolen every year due to tag separation.

The Solution

An RFID Label Made of Plastic

Instead of trying to make RFID’s stick to plastic parts with adhesive labels, we’ve developed an RFID label made of compatible plastic polymers. What this means is that when heated to the correct temperature, this RFusionID® will fuse into your plastic product for life, doing away with the problem of tag separation, for good.

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