Labeling Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers With Mold In Graphics

The Most Durable Labels For Mowers

Labeling Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers With Mold In Graphics, labels for plastics
The Zero-Turn, Stand-Behind and Push-Mowers industry is growing and there’s a reason why. Technological innovations have enhanced the lawn care and maintenance experience to new levels of use and comfort.

An increase in both commercial and residential use has brought with it a need for more durable components including the plastics that make up so many intricate parts from the fuel tank and controls shroud to the chute guard and engine covers.

Brands and retailers of big names like Bad Boy Mowers®, Gravely®, Kubota®, SCAG® Power Equipment, TORO®, Ariens, Briggs & Stratton®, Ferris®, Exmark®, Kawasaki®, Craftsman®, Cub Cadet® and many more have directed much of their focus on maintaining the image of their brand and the brands they represent.

Big brand name or not, everyone can appreciate the importance of choosing durable labels for outdoor equipment like zero-turn mowers, stand-behind mowers or standard push mowers.

Labeling Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsControl panels, mower deck guards, mower discharge chutes, gas tanks, mower seats, framing or frame housing, side panels and handle controls are just some of the components that need a permanent labeling solution.

Permanent labels not only showcase a brands image & quality, they also ensure that regulatory, warning and usage instructions are seen and adhered to for the years of abuse they endure.

Across the current mower product offerings, there’s a wide acceptance of “old fashioned labeling methods” like stickers, in-mold labels, engravings, foils and pad printings. You probably don’t realize that most of these labeling methods were originally designed for the paper and textiles industry, not for the difficult to decorate polyolefin plastics family of durable goods that are commonly used in mower components.

While all these methods attempt to withstand extended outdoor use and exposures to gasoline and harsh chemicals, they eventually fail!

They fail because of something called “adhesion”. Every method, besides engravings, is trying to adhere to polyolefin plastic with adhesives on the underside of a label that is printed with off-the-shelf inks and covered by a protective clear coat.

Labeling Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers With Mold In Graphics, labels for plasticsWhen exposed to UV, weathering, gasolines, oils, battery acids or other chemicals commonly found in and around mower components, the protective clear coat and inks degrade over time and the label eventually fails.

You have likely found yourself in the scenario where you’ve seen these exact types of labels starting to show signs of degrading before. A good example of this is the waste cart you have at your home if you happen to have pick-up service. Go look at the white images on the sides and top of your waste cart. A simple rub across the top with your finger or scratch of your fingernail will tell this story. If it’s true on a polyolefin waste carts, it’s true on any polyolefin plastics including mower components!

So how can someone know that they’re choosing the most durable labels for mowers and the plastic components that go with that mower?

Click and read “10 Things To Avoid When Labeling Polyolefin Plastics” and we’ll show you how.

MIGS® produces the only permanent plastic labeling technology in the world guaranteed to last the service life of the durable polyolefin products they’re applied to. Instead of “adhesion”, MIGS labels utilize “cohesion” that permanently melds the polyolefin product with the MIGS label through heat, time & pressure.

How to choose the best labels for zero-turn mowers and mower components.
If you are a manufacturer, brand owner or retailer of any zero-turn, stand-behind or standard push-mower, consider a truly permanent and cohesion based MIGS label to keep your brand in the forefront of customers minds while ensuring that regulatory, warning and usage instructions are seen for years to come.

As an added benefit, MIGS labels are totally recyclable with the polyolefin products they’re on whereas other labeling methods typically need removal prior to recycling. That’s doggone green!

Contact us today to learn more about labeling plastic products.

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