Snyder Industries Labeling Hydration Storage Bins With Mold In Graphics

Problem Solving For Design and Manufacturing Durable Plastic Products

Snyder Industries is a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of durable plastic products. Serving a wide array of industries, they provide high quality designed plastic goods for storage, transportation, including transportation for chemicals, food handling materials, as well as durable goods for agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical. This article focuses on their customer, industrial hydration supplier “Coastal Ice.”

Snyder Industries Labeling Hydration Storage Bins With Mold In Graphics, polymer fusion labeling for plastics.While the company has perfected their processes for producing these high quality, durable plastics goods, they encountered a problem fairly quickly when it came to decorating their plastic.

Some of their customers, such as Coastal Ice with some of their bins , require the use of a pressure washer, and the sticker decals Snyder was sourcing were failing at first use.

“We needed a more permanent solution for imaging that could withstand that kind of cleaning environment. We discovered Mold In Graphics technology and have been using them for the last 15-20 years now,” said Dana Goheen, Purchasing Manager at Snyder Industries.

Lifetime Branding For Durable Goods Is Important and Possible

For many of Snyder’s customers, the possibility of lifetime branding is important, along with the ability of that brand name to be able to withstand a lot of harsh environmental factors and heavy impacts.

“Mold In Graphics labeling technology allows customers to create custom graphics, which in turn allows them to have their brand name advertised on bins that may also be used by their competitors, but will help set them apart from the others and be remembered.”

Snyder Industries Labeling Hydration Storage Bins With Mold In Graphics, polymer fusion labeling for plastics.Why is this? The reason typical labels tend to fail, such as the sticker decals that Snyder Industries was initially using, is because of their multi-layer construction and the nature of Low Surface Energy Plastics. The result is that the labels and the plastic are incompatible.

Mold In Graphics labeling technology was able to help Snyder Industries solve Coastal Ice’s plastic labeling issues.

This labeling technology is different from every other label because they’re 100% compatible and made from the exact same olefin-based materials that the plastic part is made of.

Once the fusion process is complete, the two polyolefin materials have combined to form one piece of seamless and flush polyolefin plastic with no change in durability or structural integrity.

Dana, from Snyder Industries, stated that one of their customers, Coastal Ice commented, “How much the graphics pop, and really help differentiate them from their competition.” Coastal Ice also had previously been using a vinyl wrap, which would tear, giving them an unprofessional image, and didn’t last long.

When people call Coastal Ice about the bin, they often refer to them as the Hydration Station Bin, because the graphic has become a sort of brand name in their business. Coastal Ice also likes the permanent, professional solution Mold In Graphics Labeling has provided.

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