RuffLand Performance Kennels Labeling Dog Crates With Mold In Graphics

The Only Dog Kennel You’ll Ever Need Using The Only Label You’ll Ever Need

What kind of story do you get when it’s all about hard work, perseverance, and an idea for a product that can save lives during an unpredictable emergency?

Well, you get an American success story.

RuffLand Performance Kennels Labeling Dog Crates With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsTake this scenario, for example. Most people drive vehicles. We tend to drive them around without a second thought, but life is unpredictable, accidents happen, and the reality is that cars can be very dangerous. Road conditions, other drivers, or distractions can cause all manner of accidents. We can stick our heads in the sand, and end up with regrets, or we can be wise and aim to be as prepared as possible for the inevitable to happen.

That’s where this American success story, RuffLand Performance Kennels, steps in and, well…performs.

This kennel company, started by co-owners Doug Sangl and Lyle Van Kalsbeek, has taken the basic concept of a kennel or carrier for your pet, and taken it a step further, by rotomolding the kennel so that it is just one solid, sturdy piece.

They also build flexibility into each kennel, specifically designed to absorb and dissipate energy, which is part of what helps them hold up well in a bad situation. This simplifies the aesthetic and construction of the kennel, but it’s also safer. As one solid crate, there are fewer points of weakness for something such as vehicular impact to seek out and test.

RuffLand Performance Kennels Labeling Dog Crates With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsMore typically, kennels are constructed in pieces or sections held together usually by screws, which unfortunately means more susceptibility to weakness and fracture, leaving your pet at risk of injury or death.

The company promises that a RuffLand Kennel is the only kennel a person should need for the life of their pet, and their website is chock full of testimonials to back that claim up.

A spectrum of RuffLand Kennel owners reviews can be found on their home page, from customers who suffered vehicular accidents, (but walked away with dogs and kennels intact and barely a scratch), to hunters and dog trainers who are constantly traveling and need a reliable crate long term, to people with young dogs that just need a dependable kennel to withstand the inevitable abuse a training puppy can have, these kennels appear to fit the bill.

The company was started when Doug Sangl and Lyle Van Kalsbeek were working in the custom rotational molding industry, and also happened to have interests and contacts in the hunting and dog world.

They teamed up with an idea to create a tough and super strong crate as one rotationally molded piece.

RuffLand Performance Kennels Labeling Dog Crates With Mold In Graphics labels for plasticsIn what could certainly be described as an American Success Story, they worked hard out of their garage to create their vision, with the two co-owners doing everything themselves to get the business going.

Although they knew they had created an amazing product, they initially had a hard time breaking into the industry, and were just about to call it quits when one of the partners went on what they felt would be their last chance sales call.

As fate would have it, the sales call went better than expected, and it resulted in the launch of their product into the industry, where they have been providing excellent service and products ever since.

RuffLand Performance Kennels can be found in Bass Pro, Cabelas, L.L. Bean, and also sell out of Canada and Japan. RuffLand also partnered with Mold In Graphic Systems early on to decorate their durable kennels with durable labels.

When asked why they chose Mold In Graphics Systems labeling technology, Alisa Turner, General Manager of the company, told us that they take pride in creating a high quality, durable, sturdy kennel that is designed to last the life of your pet, and they wanted labels that would match that level of performance.

Alisa said, “Stickers and other methods of labeling are cheap, but we want our brand and identity to look professional and permanent on each product we create. Mold In Graphics has also helped reduce our scrap rate tremendously. The system produces reliable and consistent results. Back when the owners were first starting off, they didn’t have extra money, so when an alternate labeling system didn’t work the right way, they had to scrap the whole part which meant a loss. The labels we get from Mold In Graphics help keep our labor and scrap rates down, and help maintain our brand identity out in the field.”

Mold In Graphic Systems is proud to provide high quality labels for the high quality kennels that RuffLand Performance Kennels provides for their customers.

If you want to learn more about RuffLand Performance Kennels for yourself, learn more at

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